Wild Animals Name and Sound For Kids Fun Educational Learning Video with Old MacDonald Song

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Learn names and sounds of wild animals for kids. A fun and educational learning video for kindergarten, preschoolers and toddlers. Children will love to hear the sounds of different wild animals along with animals names. In this video, kids can watch the pictures of wild animals, pronounce their names and listen to the sounds of animals. Children can pause and play this video to get more fun and learning from this video. In the background of this video listen to the popular nursery rhyme for kids Old MacDonald Had a Farm……

This video is suitable for kids suffering from ESL and Autism. It’s also helpful for viewers who want to learn English as second language. We hope your kid will enjoy this video and learn the pronunciation and names of wild animals.

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Play Wild Animals Names & Sound by clicking on below Time-codes:

Bear – 1:00
Beaver – 0:23
Bison – 1:18
Bull – 1:54
Chimp – 1:36
Deer – 2:12
Elephant – 0:05
Fox – 2:31
Giraffe – 2:49
Hippopotamus – 3:08
Kangaroo – 3:27
Koala – 0:41
Lion – 3:46
Penguin – 4:04
Zebra – 4:23

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