“Vegetable Song” – Kids Learn Vegetable Names, Teach Nursery Children Veggie Song

This Cute, Funny, Pop-Song for Kids Teaches Vegetable Names and Encourages Children to Always Eat their Veggies.

Teach the Vegetables – Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peas, Cucumber, Celery, Corn, Broccoli, Carrots and more with this Happy Song that Students will love singing along with. The Funny Video, Cute Lyrics and Catchy Melody make learning the Vegetable Names Easy and Fun for Kids.

Try out this song with your Toddler at home, in Preschool, Daycare or Kindergarten.
If you’re an ESL English teacher this will make your Lesson on Vegetable Names a breeze.
“The Vegetable Song” works great in combination with our Section on “Vegetables” from our Level 2 English for Beginners Lessons. http://bit.ly/Vegetables-and-Meats-Lesson

Kids Love to Sing and there’s no better way to help Young Learners remember new Vocabulary than by singing it in a song. That’s what Busy Beavers is all about.

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