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Types of Forest Learning Videos for Children and Kids. Learn about the Tropical Forest through this simple Animated Video. Lets visit the wild forest around the world and learn about the tropical forest. The Tropics are the part of the world that remains warm all year long. The forest of tropics are called tropical forest, that are dark and humid.

A tropical rain forest is the best know type of tropical forest. Tropical rain forest are found along the equator where days and night are equal. Rain forests can be found in Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico and on many of the Pacific, Caribbean.

Tropical rain forests can be described in two words hot and wet. Tropical rain forests have existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years. Tropical Forests grow in an area that are warm twelve months a year and experiences a great amount of rainfall. These forests are filled with tall trees making them dark and humid. Due to the heavy rainfall throughout the year, the forest is rich in plant growths animals etc.

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