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Thumbelina Kids Story | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids
“Thumbelina” is a beautiful fairy tale written by world’s most famous writer of children’s fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen. This story is a bit scary in some of its parts, but like any fairy tale brings us a happy ending and a good lesson. It talks about a little thumb-sized girl – Thumbelina. At the beginning of the life she is afflicted with a series of accidents, which she overcomes with her goodness and honesty, and eventually, is rewarded with true love and a happy life.

Thumbelina on its journey meets with a terrible frog that wanted her to marry her son, and then the good-intentioned mouse, which wanted to marry her for a dull, old mole. However, Thumbelina is saved from both marriages and eventually met the Little Prince, who was its size and in which she immediately fell in love. They married and lived happily in flowers, fun, and love.

The moral of this story is clear that we will encounter many problems and obstacles in our life. Many of doing something that we don’t want, but as long as we are true to ourselves, honest and kind, just like Thumbelina, we will overcome these obstacles and in the end get what is best for us. Thumbelina didn’t want to hurt anyone or anybody, not for a moment. She was fair and helped the needy.

In the end, she got her prize and a happy ending. In its most challenging times, Thumbelina didn’t surrender, her kindness, honesty, and optimism prevailed. We should look at Thumbelina and overcome all the problems, to be happy in our life.

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