Story of Saint Valentine | Stories of Saints for Kids

Did you know we celebrate the Valentines day in the memory of Saint Valentine? In the third century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Claudius II Gothicus. He was nicknamed Claudius the cruel because of his harsh leadership, and his tendency for getting into frequent wars. One day he realized that young men were not enlisting in the army as they wanted a life of peace- living with wife and kids. The emperor got angry and banned any further marriage to happen in his kingdom. But there was a kind priest who took notice of the pains of young men and women in love, and he helped them to get married. His name was Valentine. What will happen to him? Watch this episode to learn more!

Stories of Saints for Kids is a series of animated stories based on the life of Saints. Each episode details on the Birth, Life, Transformation, Miracles and many other details on the life of each Saint. Watch and get inspired!



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