Short Stories For Kids – The Royal Elephant | Prince Monkey

Bedtime Stories – English Short Stories For Kids – The Royal Elephant | Prince Monkey & Sticky Hair

Kids are the best creation of god. They have very good learning capacity and they grasp things very fast. So we should always try to teach them good and moral lessons. Here are some extraordinary tales, kindergarten learning videos, bedtime stories for kids and many more which will definitely help to make them good human beings.

This tale teaches us a valuable lesson that it is not the external weapons we posses or the armory we have that will help us in any crisis the only weapons we need are within us. They are our presence of mind and strength of character. In this story, a young prince uses these qualities to outwit a ferocious demon named Sticky Hair.

The Jackal tales for young viewers, are marked by humor and wit. The aim is to inculcate moral and ethical behavior in a simple and colorful way. The Jataka Tales contain deep truths about moral beauty, self-sacrifice and other vital human values.

Jataka Tales – A man, who earned his money by making his powerful elephant do deeds of great physical challenge, had a fall when he crossed the line of good conduct. His elephant reformed him with remarkable wisdom.

The Jataka Tales are stories of the Buddha’s former births and the Buddha being one of the greatest teachers of compassion and right conduct, what you have here are wonderful tales to tutor the young in good values.

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