Design Your Own Jolly Roger

Ships use different flags to signal other ships and identifying themselves. The “Jolly Roger” flag was flown to identify a pirate ship about to attack.

Stede Bonnet Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

Need: 1 piece of drawing paper, 1 sheet of red, white, or black construction paper, 3 pieces of felt ( red, white, black), a stick.

Design a pirate flag that tells something about you. Pick something you are interested in or good at to include on your pirate flag. For example: if you like the guitar include guitars on your pirate flag instead of crossbows. Also include on your flag pirate symbols: skulls, skeletons, crossbones, cutlasses, hourglasses.

First draw your design on the drawing paper. Then cut your design out of felt and glue onto construction paper. After your pirates flag is dry tape it to a stick.


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