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This phonics song teaches children the alphabet and the beginning letter sounds. Kids learn phonics and letter recognition while singing and having fun.

In my phonics song images appear on screen to show examples of words that beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Teacher use my phonics song, Learning Letter Sounds all across the world every day! There is no shortage of educational songs on YouTube but Teachers and Parents tell me all the time, my phonics song is the best!

You can find my Learning Letter Sounds Chart on my website. Print available in both Block and D’Nealian.

Phonics Song | Learning Letter Sounds Chart


Phonics Song | Learning Letter Sounds Chart (D’nealian)

This educational song is on two of my albums:

I’ve Got Music in Me:

Kindergarten Songs | I’ve Got Music in Me

Shake Rattle n’ Read:

Learning Rocks Reading Skills DVD:

Learning letter sounds A to Z
Learning letter sounds you and me
Chorus Clap three times, 1 – 2 – 3
Letter sounds can help me read and write
a says aa alligator
b says bb baby
c says cc caterpillar
d says dd dinosaur
e says ee elephant
f says ff family
g says gg gorilla
h says hh hippopotamus
Repeat Chorus
I says ii insect
j says jj jet
k says kk kite
l says ll lion
m says mm monkey
n says nn nickel
o says oo octopus
Repeat Chorus
q says qq quarter
r says rr rainbow
s says ss snake
t says tt turtle
u says uu umbrella
v says vv violin
w says ww woodpecker
y says yy yo-yo
z says zz zebra



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