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000 Numbers 1-10
00:00:59 One two buckle my shoe
00:02:18 Numbers 1-100
00:03:38 Five little monkeys
00:06:12 Five little ducks
00:07:48 Days of the week
00:09:07 Months of the year
00:10:33 Three blind mice
00:11:08 This old man
00:11:57 Hickory Dickory Dock
00:12:25 This is the way we brush our teeth
00:13:07 Wheels of the bus
00:14:04 Twinkle twinkle little star
00:16:31 Humpty Dumpty
00;17:52 Old Macdonald
00:19:10 Ringa ringa roses
00:19:33 Happy and you know it
00:20:29 Rain rain go away
00:21:16 London bridge
00:28;08 Phonics song
00:24:54 Hey diddle diddle
00:25:31 Star light Star bright
00:26:20 Wee willie winkie
00:27:27 Thumbkin
00:28:12 Happy and you know it
00:29:09 Ringa ringa roses
00:30:04 Mary Mary quire contrary
00:31:08 CC
00:31:36 Head Shoulders
00:32:46 This is the way we brush our teeth
00:33:28 Wheels of the bus
00:34:37 Humpty Dumpty
00:35:27 Old King Cole
00:36:49 Little miss muffet
00:37:32 Itsy Bitsy spider
00:38:16 Jack and Jill
00:38:40 Ding Dong Bell
00:39:40 Grand old duke of York
00:40:44 A sailor went to sea
00:41:33 ABC Song
00:42;37 Mary had a little lamb
00:44:20 Five little monkeys
00:46:54 Baa baa black sheep
00:47:55 Little boy blue
00:49:13 Humpty Dumpty
00:51:04 Teddy bear teddy bear
00:51:48 Pat a cake
00:52:19 Hot cross bun
00:53:02 Jack and Jill
00;53:52 Row row row your boat
00:54:20 Phonics song
00:57:18 Five litttle ducks
00:58:54 There was an old woman
00:59:39 Mary Mary quire contrary
01:00:29 Georgie Porgie
01:00:57 Wheels of the bus



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