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Hello Kids!, Reggie Roo here. You are in for a treat today. Have you ever seen a space shuttle?

There is the shuttle on the launch pad. It’s about to Launch! Everyone at the mission control is ready.

In. 3 — 2 — 1 ! And…. Lift Off! Wow!

Fire blasts out of the engine, and the smoke billows out. As the shuttle powers into the sky! The Shuttle is made up of a large orange fuel tank. Two thin white Rocket Boosters.

And… the part that looks like a plane is called an Orbiter.

Soon after, the two white boosters drop off and fall into the ocean.
A special boat picks them up. As the shuttle continues into space!

When the orange fuel tank drops off, it burns up above the earth. And the orbiter flies on.

The shuttle is used to carry Astronauts and equipment to the International Space Station. Inside the space station the Astronauts conduct experiments as they float around.

Later they use the orbiter to get back down to earth, It glides back like a plane. Touch down. The parachute at the back helps the orbiter slow down. Isn’t that exciting.

Would you like to be an astronaut and go into space? HOO ROO


PHOTO CREDIT: NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration


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