My Goose is Giving Up! Social Skills songs for kids, learning songs for kids from PlayKids

Have you ever felt like giving up when something seemed to hard to finish or wasn’t going your way? Well, this goose sure has and never feels like finishing anything. In this new addition to the PlayKids “Social Skills” series, your little ones will see how giving up is never the answer and learn how to have a positive attitude no matter what they are doing; a social skill that will help them push through those moments in life that sometime seem impossible to overcome.

The “Social Skills” series form PlayKids was developed to help you teach social/ emotional skills to your preschoolers in a way that they can understand and remember. This aspect of childhood development is becoming more and more important as parents and educators observe that the strength and range of a child’s social/emotional skill set is directly correlated with their long-term academic success.

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