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The Letter S Song and Phonics Song for Kids! In this letter sound and phonics song for kids The Learning Station gives the letter sound then asks the children to make that sound. Letter S, Phonics Songs for Children: Sing and learn the alphabet letters with The Learning Station. Let’s learn about letters in the alphabet and phonics with the Letter S song video for kids. Your kids will sing, dance and learn as they explore the alphabet, how to make a letter S (upper and lower case letters), sound out the letter S (phonics for kids) and some words starting with the letter S; Sock, Sun, Snake and Sandwich! Letter S song is geared towards toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten age kids. “Letter S Song: Download Letter R here: (Only $0.99): https://store.learningstationmusic.com/letters.aspx

Letter S Song (Phonics & ABC’s Songs for Kids)
by The Learning Station® (a.k.a. Learning Station)
℗©Monopoli/The Learning Station (All rights reserved.)
Letter S
Let’s learn about a letter in the alphabet.
It’s so much fun. Let’s learn about one, letter S, letter S, letter S.
Let’s write that letter in the alphabet. It’s so much fun to draw one.
Hold your pointer finger here. Draw the letter in the air.
Follow me, and you’ll see an uppercase S, an uppercase S.
That’s an uppercase S. That’s an uppercase S.
Now a lowercase S, a lowercase S.
That’s a lowercase S. That’s a lowercase S.
Now use your voice. Let’s make the sound of the letter S.
Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss, Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss (All together now)
Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss, Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss
Now use your eyes to see some words that begin with the letter S.
Sock Sun Snake Sandwich
Now we learned about the letter S, letter S, letter S, letter S.

Your kids will have a musical blast singing and learning about the letter S. Learning about the letters in the alphabet and phonics is so much fun for kids! The Learning Station’s Letter S Song invites kids to sing, dance and learn about the letters in the alphabet. They will learn the letter S, how to make the letter S, sounds the letter S makes (phonics) and some words beginning with the letter S. The Letter S Song includes lyrics for early readers.

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❤ Sabrina Abu-Obeid and DJ Monopoli of TeraBrite & Terabrite Games: Letter S Lighting, production and camera.

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