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This scientific method song makes learning the scientific method fun and cool for kids. Your children will remember the steps in the scientific method so much easier as they sing an (acronym – ASITCI) where each letter is the first letter of one of the scientific method steps. The rhythm and beat of this scientific method song for kids helps them remember and want to sing it over and over again.

Each step with each letter (ASITCI) is then explained in a simple, easy – to – understand way (ie: A is for Ask – Ask a
Question; S is for State – State your Hypothesis) and each beginning letter for each step is explained so children can understand the basic meaning of each step of the scientific method. We sing – “you start with a question, then try to find a solution, the scientific method – this is how you do it.”
Powerful images are show of Sally Ride, Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison who used the scientific method to make wonderful discoveries that changed the course of history and the way we live. This powerful scientific method song for kids gives a clear and meaningful message to all children that they can use the same scientific method that Sally ride, Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison. Science is so cool with so much to learn and so much fun to learn. We hope our Scientific Method song Step by Step really helps your children the fundamental of the Scientific Method.


The Scientific Method goes step by step,
The Scientific Method you experiment,
You start with a problem then try to find a solution,
The scientific method, this is how you do it,

ASI – TCI then State your conclusion,
This is the science method everyone can use it,
ASI – TCI then State your conclusion,
You start with a problem then end up with a solution,

A for ask, ask a question,
S for state, state your hypothesis,
I for identify, identify your variables,

T for test, test your hypothesis,
C for collect, collect your data,
I for interpret, interpret your data,

S for state, state your conclusion,

(Repeat Chorus)

A for ask, S for state, I for identify,
T for test, C for collect, I for interpret,
S for state, state your conclusion

LINK: https://youtu.be/ptADSmJCVwQ

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