Kids Hypnosis Bedtime Story 1 – Bonnie (Sleep Hypnosis for Children)

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Kids Hypnosis Bonnie Bedtime Story has been designed to help children who find it difficult to go to sleep or who wake up in the night and struggle to go back to sleep. This story will help guide your child, regardless of age, to move into a deep and relaxing sleep.

This Kids Hypnosis Bonnie is a wonderful story about Bonnie The Puppy desperately looking for some help to go to sleep. There are three stories in this series, so check our Charlie and Toots as well.

The story takes your child on a special adventure with Bonnie as she sets off on a journey to visit the Deep Sleep Fairy. Along the way she meets the Night Night Rabbit and the Wise Old Owl who kindly share with her their tips on how they fall asleep.

Your child might fall asleep well before the end of the track as the soft music and gentle vocals lull them into a deep and easy sleep. Use as often as is necessary.

***Parents please make sure the adults do not listen to this session whilst you are driving a car***

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