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Assalamu Alaikum!
Hindi Islamic Kids Videos – Quran Stories For Kids Presents Prophet Saleh (AS) or Salih (AS) Story in Hindi.
Prophet Saleh (as) or Salih (as), was a Prophet mentioned in Qur’an. The Prophet preached to the tribe of Thamud, in ancient Arabia. Watch how God creates a huge She-Camel from just a rock, as a gift to His people! Watch the amazing adventures of the Prophet and the She-Camel in this awesome episode.

Stories of Prophets for Kids is a compilation of animated stories based on the Prophets in Islam. Our videos are ideal for 4-12 year old children, and the adults too can enjoy our videos. Each of our videos presents the stories of Prophets from different times. Every video highlights the work of a Prophet, and how He preached the message of Allah (swt).
The length of each segment, and the easy to understand narrative makes our videos an ideal teaching resource for parents and teachers. Hindi Islamic Kids Videos Presents Quran Stories, Kids Islamic Stories, Islamic

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