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Technology today is truly wondrous! Can you even imagine there was a time when Microwaves weren’t something people had? No more microwave dinners, no more quick and easy heating! But do you know the story behind this amazing invention? Follow Dr. Binocs on his amazing adventure through time as he tells you all about the invention of Microwave!

Voice of Dr. Binocs – Joseph D’Souza
Other Voices – Pranav Korla
Written by Pranav Korla
Illustrators – Kalpesh Bamne, Pranav Korla, Mukesh Ishi
Animators – Rupesh Hire, Sushant Hodage, Tushar Ishi
VFX Artist – Ali Asgar
Background Score & SFX – Jay Rajesh Arya
Sound Engineer – Varad J. Khare
Creative Head – Sreejoni Nag
Producer – Neha Barjatya
Copyrights and Publishing: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited
All rights reserved.

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