I Love to Learn! 35 mins: Preschool Songs, Kids Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Learning Songs

A collection of the best PlayKids “I Love to Learn” songs from Junior and the gang! Featuring songs about geography, trains, world culture, eating healthy, brushing your teeth, opposites, dinosaurs, safety and more. Our sing-along songs are created for preschoolers and kindergarten kids who love nursery rhymes, kids songs, rhyming songs, sing-along songs, and more. And they’re for the parents who want their kids to learn while they watch!

PlayKids songs feature on-screen lyrics so pre-readers, early readers and preschool kids can learn to follow along and get exposed to early reading techniques!

Song Playlist:
00:00 Elbows and Eyebrows
02:51 Let’s Bake a Cake
05:25 Learn to Cross the Street
08:05 Latin America
10:53 Brush Your Teeth
13:16 Words Around the World
16:05 Fruit Is so Fun
19:12 All Dressed Up
22:35 Digging Dinosaurs
25:41 Opposites
28:25 Go For the Gold
31:02 Go Train Go

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