Mrs. Greenberg’s Messy Hanukkah
by Linda Glaser

This book describes a Hanukkah food – latkes. While her parents are too busy to cook, Rachel visits her neighbor Mrs Greenberg with latkes on her mind.
The making of latkes creates a mess! A book about a young girl’s awareness of the loneliness of Mrs. Greenburg and the patience of
an adult with a young child. The pleasure of visiting a older neighbor and a gift of a warm plate of latkes to share.

Hanukkah Moon by Deborah Da Costa

Little Isobel is invited to spend Hanukkah with Aunt Louisa. Aunt Louisa newly arrived from
Mexico concerns Isobel that her Aunt will even know how to celebrate the holiday properly.
Isobell learns new Hanukkah traditions infused with Aunt Luisa’s artistice flair with the handmade
menorah decorated with animal figures. An interesting combination of two cultures Spanish and Jewish.

Author Note: “This story reflects the celebration of the new moon that occurs during Hanukkah. This custom is popular among Sephardic Jews (those whose ancestors came from Spain), who settled in Latin America.”


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