Good Citizenship & Social Skills Songs for Kids: Fun Learning Songs from PlayKids!

Here is a full 50 minutes of songs for kids all about sharing, saying please and thank you, covering your mouth when you cough, crossing the street safely, making friends, waiting in line, perseverance and being kind to others. A wide range of song styles but all with read-along lyrics for beginning readers, so they can sing along while they learn all about important social skills for children!

PlayKids Songs include:
I Want to Be Like Me
Crossing the Street
Cover Your Mouth When You Cough
Earth Day: Taking Care of our Planet
My Bear Doesn’t Share
Do You Wanna Be Friends?
My Hippo Can’t Keep His Hands to Himself
I Am a Girl
The Itsy-Bitsy Spider: A song about determination
My Monkey Doesn’t Tell the Truth
Gonna Ride My Bike
If You’re Happy and You Know It
My Penguin Is Not Polite
When I Sleep
My Goose Is Giving Up
Broccoli Isn’t So Bad
My Badger Is a Bully
This Is Where I Live
My Walrus Doesn’t Want to Wait
All Dressed Up
The Itsy Bitsy Monster
My Wallaby Doesn’t Use His Words

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