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Popular children’s exercise, brain breaks, action and dance song for kids, “Run and Walk”. “One of the best of The Learning Station exercise songs for kids, Run and Walk” is from the award-winning CD, “Physical Ed”.
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♫ Run and Walk: Your children will love this popular exercise, action song for kids! Kids exercise, fitness and dance songs are a fun way to stay heart-smart and healthy. It makes it easy and fun to take a quick energy brain break in the classroom. Music and movement for kids allows them to take a moment to sing, dance and move so they can return to their academics feeling happy, energized and renewed. More and more preschools and elementary schools are realizing the significant values of children’s music and movement, brain breaks, fitness, dance and exercise in the classroom. This brain breaks children’s exercise song, action and dance song is perfect for preschool, kindergarten and elementary children. Lyrics are included for ESL programs, EFL programs and early readers.
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Run and Walk
From the CD, Physical Ed
by The Learning Station
℗©Monopoli/The Learning Station (All rights reserved.)
Run and Walk is a fun exercise, action song for children. It’s a popular song for preschool and kindergarten brain breaks, exercise programs and physical education. This popular kids exercise song is a HIT with preschool, kindergarten and elementary children.

“Run and Walk” lyrics, actions and exercise movements for kids:
Alternate between running and walking in place along with the words in the song.
Run in place, with a smile on your face, pretending to go somewhere. Run in place, keeping the pace, hoping to get there. Run, run, run, run. Run, run, run, change. Walking in place, with a smile on your face. Walking in place, pretending to go somewhere. Walking in place, keeping the pace. Walking in place, and hoping to get there. Repeat entire verse 3 and 1/2x Run, run, run, run. Run, now stop.




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