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Dinostory tell the epic story of Terri the Triceratops who, as an egg, was separated from her siblings and hatched on her own. Terri has lots of adventures as she searches for a community that she can call home. Awesome Dinosaur Songs from Howdytoons.

This is the official video for Dinostory -The Ultimate Dinosaur Rock Opera Season 1 by Howdytoons

1. The Egg 0:01
2. Do You Know Who I am 2:01
3. Stegosaurus meets Triceratops 4:27
4. Jenny the Ankylosaurus 7:40
5. Dinosaurs Drinking by the Water 11:39
6. Parasaurolophus is a Mouthful for all of us 14:47
7. T-Rex chases Triceratops 16:58
8. Dinosaur Battle 18:56
Extra songs!!
9. Brachiosaurus 23:06
10. I’m a Pterodactyl 25:36
11. Diplodocus 28:08

All songs Words and Music by Mike Whitla © 2011 Rock’n’Rainbow Music Publishing

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