Christmas Around The World – Germany


Gingerbread houses are a huge tradition in Germany.

Graham Cracker House
Need: Packages of graham crackers, frosting, trims (raisins, nuts,
candies, small marshmallows, red hots), 1/2 pint sized milt
containers(size that comes with child’s school lunch). Styrofoam
plates or heavy paper plates.

Glue the milk carton onto the Styrofoam plate. Use the milk carton as
the base, the frosting as glue, and graham crackers as the walls and top.

Have children place frosting on the sides and top of the milk carton.
Stick graham crackers to the sides of the milk carton for walls.
Place two graham crackers on top for the roof.
Frost the crackers on the milk carton and decorate with trims.

It is best to put all glue bottles away as some children may use them
to glue the candy trim onto the graham cracker house.

Can add a frosting sidewalk(outline with candy
trims) on the plates.

Glitter Envelopes

Children write letters to Christkind telling Him what they want for
Christmas. The letters are left on their windowsills for the Christkind,
a winged figure dressed in white robes and a golden crown who
distributes gifts. Sometimes the letters are decorated with glue and
sprinkled with sugar to make them sparkle.

Let the children draw pictures or cut pictures from magazines of what
they want from Santa. Place the letters in envelopes. Then have the
children brush glue onto the envelopes and sprinkler with glitter.

Tinsel Tree

After reading “The Spiders Surprise.”
Make cone-shaped Christmas trees from green construction paper. Let
the children decorate the trees by gluing on strands of tinsel.


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