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Black Beauty.
Black Beauty is one of those classic novels which captures the imagination of the reader whether young or old. This audiobook version has been mixed with soothing sounds and images of nature to encourage a new and exciting experience for the listener.

Give your children every opportunity to expand their imaginations with great stories like these. Encouraging children in modern western society to connect with nature has become a challenge for many parents today. More and more children are encouraged away from nature with so many of todays distractions.

A few trees at the end of the garden become a jungle in the minds of children, moss growing upon an ancient wall become another world, the pet cat and dog become fierce creatures of the jungle. It is only the limits of their minds that will curtail the story in their mind.

Reconnecting with nature has become an absolute necessity particularly when we hear how our environment is being continually destroyed in the name of so called ‘Progress’. It is only progress for the bank accounts of the few. Future generations are going to suffer our exploitation of the earths resources, developing a deep and lasting connection with nature could help us understand the fragility of the environment around us and encourage each of us to be more responsible about how we use those resources.

For this wonderful book I have accompanied the reading with a calming suggestive scene from nature that will help to stimulate the imagination of each child as well as encouraging a deep connection with natures beauty.

This wonderful recording of this version of this favourite amongst the classics, ‘Black Beauty’ has been made available by the kind permission of dedicated readers at Librivox.

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