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Just like you toddlers, our Bao Pandas love going to school and learning new things everyday at preschool. That way ,they can come back and teach you babies everything fun and interesting. Today they’re going to be teaching you children the numbers and they’ve come up with a lovely new song to make sure you kiddies remember it. One two buckle my shoe!

One, two,
Buckle my shoe;
Three, four,
Open the door;
Five, six,
Pick up sticks;
Seven, eight,
Lay them straight:
Nine, ten,
A big, fat hen;
Eleven, twelve,
Dig and delve;
Thirteen, fourteen,
Maids a-courting;
Fifteen, sixteen,
Maids in the kitchen;
Seventeen, eighteen,
Maids a-waiting
Nineteen, twenty,
My plate’s empty.

Now, doesn’t rhyming help remember the numbers 1-20? Also, it’s a great kindergarten song to sing and dance to. The Bao Pandas sure know how to make learning fun and easy. Nothing is more important than your education, babies, and to make sure you’ll have the best of it, here’s a collection of all the videos that the Bao Pandas have made for you. We hope you enjoy them.

00:01 – Bao Panda | One Two Buckle
01:20 – Bao Panda | Head Shoulders Knees
02:50 – Bao Panda | Chubby Cheeks
04:27 – Bao Panda | Five Little Pandas
06:36 – Bao Panda | Hokey Pokey
07:51 – Bao Panda | Johny Johny
08:51 – Bao Panda | Finger Family
10:40 – Bao Panda | If You’re Happy
12:16 – Bao Panda | Learn Transport
14:11 – Bao Panda | Colors
15:41 – Bao Panda | Numbers
16:56 – Bao Panda | Learn Fruits
18:12 – Bao Panda | Learn Shapes
19:55 – Bao Panda | Learn Animals
21:43 – Bao Panda | Learn Vegetables
23:00 – Bao Panda | Learn Alphabets
27:11 – Bao Panda | Learn Colors
27:51 – Bao Panda | Shapes
28:26 – Bao Panda | Learn Numbers
29:25 – Bao Panda | ABC
31:44 – Bao Panda | Colors
32:46 – Bao Panda | Numbers

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Video: Copyright USP Studios™



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