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Children will love watching this ABC’s Alphabet Train Music Video song as The Wooden Alphabet and real toy trains go by with ABC letters that match all kinds of railroad scenes. Makes it easy and fun for Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten children to learn the alphabet and phonics. Great for back to school and home school teaching. Includes shots of wooden trains and model railroad trains along with the letters of the alphabet. The Alphabet Train Song was written and performed by famous children’s musician, James Coffey and is one of the most popular alphabet songs ever recorded. Professionally produced video both educational and entertaining so kids will watch it over and over again. Great in the classroom for teachers, home school, grandparents and daycare centers. Children with autism find this video fascinating as well! this video is part of the Lots and Lots of Toy Trains DVD Set which can be found at Visit for more fun kids train Youtube videos at

Gettin’ The Alphabet –
Counting the Planets –
Little Brick Trains –

Words & Music By James Coffey (ASCAP)
© 2011 James Brian Coffey Jim and George Publishing (ASCAP)

Alphabet Train, Alphabet Train

All aboard the Alphabet Train

Learn all the letters from A to Z

Come ride the Alphabet Train with me!


B for the BOXCARS where freight is stored

C for CABOOSE coming down the lane

D for a DIESEL powered train

E is for the ENGINEER

F for the FLAGMAN standing near

G for the GATE that’s coming down

H for the HORN that wonderful sound


I for the INTERCHANGE where trains switch

J for the JUNCTION where trains unhitch

K for the KITCHEN in the dining car

L is for the LOCOMOTIVE traveling far

M for the MAIL CAR full of bins

N for the NUMBER on the big engine

O for OIL that keeps us running fine

P for the PUMPER coming down the line


Q for a QUARTER mile of track

R for the ROUNDHOUSE where trains turn back

S for the SIGNAL that’s somtimes red

T for the TUNNEL that’s just ahead

U for UNDER the bridge we go

V for the VALLEYS we travel low

W for the WHISTLE hear it whine

X is the shape of the railroad sign


Y for the YARD at the end of the line

Z for the ZEPHYR that’s right on time

Now it seems we’re at the end

And when you’re ready…we’ll do it again!!


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