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Phonics Song, is one of the most popular ABC phonics learning songs for children. Your children will have so much playing along with this well-loved alphabet phonics song. This adorable kid’s song will spark young imaginations as it teaches children the ABC’s and the sounds of each letter. Make learning fun for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners with this phonics alphabet song activity game.

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ABC Phonics Song
From the CD, “Preschool Learning Fun”
©Monopoli/The Learning Station

Apple starts with A, a-a apple.
Bear starts with B, b-b bear.
Cat starts with C, c-c cat.
Dog starts with D, d-d dog.
And Egg starts with E, e-e egg.

Fish starts with F, f-f fish.
Goat starts with G, g-g goat.
Hat starts with H, h-h hat.
Igloo starts with I, i-i igloo.
And jacket starts with J, j-j jacket.

Kite starts with K, k-k kite.
Lion starts with L, l-l lion.
Monkey starts with M, m-m monkey.
Nose starts with N, n-n nose.
And ostrich starts with O, o-o ostrich.

Pig starts with P, p-p pig.
Queen starts with Q, q-q queen.
Rabbit starts with R, r-r rabbit.
Sun starts with S, s-s sun.
And turtle starts with T, t-t turtle.

Umbrella starts with U, u umbrella.
Van starts with V, v-v van.
Wagon starts with W, w-w wagon.
X-ray starts with X, x-x X-ray.
Yo-yo starts with Y, y-y yo-yo.
And Zebra starts with Z, z-z zebra.

These are the sounds and the letters of the alphabet.
Learning letters and their sounds will help you learn to read.

We just learned the sounds and the letters of the alphabet.
Next time won’t sing along and learn them all with me.
Next time won’t sing along and learn them all with me.



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